Loris. Handmade Knitwear Melbourne.

Loris is a small-scale, independent clothing label of Melbourne, Australia. It was started by Lisa Kerr as an outlet to produce both ready-made and made-to-order knitwear in truly, one-of-a-kind designs. Years of prolific output as a knitter and seamstress for family & friends led Lisa to put her experience in to something more experimental and challenge herself by creating a signature collection.

The designs are underpinned by a philosophy of hand-made craft that uses discarded and vintage yarns where possible. Loris also sets itself the ambition of translating its designs for both little people and grown-ups.

Starting with winter 2016, each following season will provide new opportunities for Lisa to showcase her incredible range of knitwear inspired by classic and contemporary styles that source inspiration as wide as the UK, Scandinavia and Japan.